At 4:30 AM This Morning

I had discovered that a friend had died suddenly of an aneurysm.
I had just recently interacted with him--because I had thanked him for singing at the fundraising concert for my niece's baby.
The last time I saw Eric was during my last trip to Manila in 2007. (here he is, standing between Steve and me)

This is a video of Eric singing a song I always bugged him to sing every time I saw him.
(Literally, during trips to Manila I would make him serenade my kids, sing in my sister's kitchen, even just the refrain of it-- if we just bumped into each other in passing...
The song is called "I'll Never Say Goodbye.")

I am so sad for his wife and two sons.

I am reminded that because Life is too short, we must:

Say I love you to people you love (that's a given)

Be loving.
Do things that matter.
Keep things in order.