My Friday Intentions

To be an observer of life by allowing both pleasant and unpleasant experiences to just pass through--with neither a desire to cling to it nor resist it.

I just had an epiphany.
That is EXACTLY what an anti-depressant does!
When I was on medication many years ago, I hated being unable to feel elated or saddened by events that merited certain emotions.
That's one of the main reasons I opted out of being medicated.
But now that I have been feeling healthy sans a happy pill--I realize that being able to observe the ups and downs of life without attachments--by putting full trust in God, is in fact very liberating.
This is where I am at this very second.
(It's where I need to be as I prepare to watch Kika run in a By-Invitation cross country meet this afternoon)
And, this is where I want to be.

Not holding on to the downers in life seems an obvious choice but why the need to be "an observer" for even the ups of life?
Why not revel in it?
If reveling makes us grateful beings then that is good.
However sometimes reveling in something makes us attached to outcome. And it can feed our ego.
That's when trouble sets in.

What's the difference between being medicated in order to become an observer and choosing to be an observer?
I think I smile more when it is my choice.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend being an observer to the ups and downs of life.

Be Well.

...this email was sent hastily by chesca from her cell phone.