LA Times

It was. Excruciatingly difficult to be motivated to go.
With Steve still recovering-the ill-timed non-negotiable nature of my trip out west caused a humungous zit to erupt prominently on my cheek bone.

The travel phobia that I (smugly) thought I had whipped into submission was exposed in its rawest form.
At the last hour I remained unpacked, unshowered, and emotionally fragile.
I had come undone.
Yadda yadda yadda- I am in Los Angeles.
Instead of resting up for the west coast time change in the form of sleep, I crocheted an ENTIRE scarf during the 4.5 hour flight.
My host friend Q picked me up in LAX.
Our first destination for the evening was to Encino for a get-together with two other friends that we had gone to grade school and high school with in Manila.
I had not seen Q since 2007.
As soon as she pulled up at the airport curb, she handed me (as per my request) a Tupperware of her homemade Kare-kare. (Ox-tail stewed in a peanut based sauce served with a condiment made with partially fermented fish/shrimp.)

By the time we got from the airport to Encino, I had devoured it.
I had not seen the two other women since 1997 and as we hugged each other in a tight embrace, I was suddenly self conscious of the fact that I smelled like bagoong.

My pimple and I survived until (4 AM EST)
a very pleasant first night in LA.
I am writing this from bed.
This whole west coast house is still asleep- while my east coast body clock is wide awake despite limited sleep.
But that could be because I just got a call from a slightly panicked Steve who could not get a hold of the girls while he was at work.
From bed, I call the CORRECT phone number and help reset my east coast life.
While that call could have derailed me,
it didn't because I am focusing on the fact that Steve felt well enough to go to work.
Today Q and I plan to hang out in Venice Beach.
We meet up with a different set of friends tonight- also from the same high school--who are now from various parts of the country.

I have also rebooted my 'Let go, Let God'' mantra and embraced the fact that I made it out here despite my unraveling in the east.
This trip will hit my refresh button and excite me for more living back home.

I will be well.
Pimple be damned.