I opened our front door and observed that unlike yesterday's rainy morning--

Today looked good.
After driving the girls to school,
I pulled into our driveway, turned the engine off and just sat.
(I did not have a car for a week and although this gave me limitless excuses to stay in--I am thankful to have it back)
While sipping the homemade coffee in my travel mug,
I checked some email.
I read a few online articles (what a gift this smartphone is.)
And just as I was thinking of going into our house and beginning my day,
I decided to blog with my gifted phone.
There is something about sitting in a parked car, with the windows up, muffling the sounds of the world that is quite peaceful.
The enclosed space feels very secure and cocoon like.

The ability to choose when to move and when to stay still is something to be grateful for.

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