I Just Finished Eating This.

This salad was the size of a large pie.
In fact, I served it to myself on a pyrex pie dish. Nice and deep.
I was so pleased with it that I needed to photograph it.
(bloggers are like that)

I love making salads.
This particular  one had
- a variety of lettuces and arugula leaves
-a bit of grated colby cheese
-a sprinkling of parmesan cheese
-hard-boiled eggs
-half an avocado

I tried to eat it slowly (supposedly,  slowing down and focusing on chewing and appreciating each bite is healthier) but with a salad this good, it was difficult not to scarf it down.
Plus I had just come from a long walk with my friend DZ so I had built up an appetite.
For dessert I will have the other half of that avocado with a sprinkle of sugar.
While having an avocado for dessert may sound strange to some, that is not the case where I am from.

In the States, avocados are consumed as vegetables but in the Philippines avocados are enjoyed as fruits.
When I was little I remember my mother mashing up 8 or nine avocados in a bowl, and serving it with milk and sugar.
And avocado ice cream is sold in Manila.

My taste buds  have adapted to the way people consume avocados around here and have acquired much enthusiasm for it in my salads, hamburgers and even hotdogs.
My brain however, will never forget its first encounter with the avocado.

Somewhere in this,  is a lesson about life.