I Rarely Write Here On Weekends, But A MUST SHARE, is a must share.

Thanks Panjee.

On a rather uneventful Saturday-

No games to rush to.
No party to attend.
No one to visit.
No one (as of this writing) coming over-- I watched this video and was given the revelation that today is an unexpected gift.

Be Well.


  1. so beautiful. so true. this made me cry. love you.

  2. Kar,
    you've no idea.
    And, it is SO TRUE. (??!!?)


    It is a monday morning,
    I still have no car.
    but stephanie is coming in 2 minutes, and we are taking our kids to.......
    the zoo.

    Have I told you how I have stayed away from there for maybe seven years now due to my dislike for the place?
    But because today is another "ordinary day"
    I am going to embrace this with an open mind.

    Boy I wish I had your soft fontanel for this.

    love you.


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