I have nine minutes to write this.

11:00 AM
I have been having the most unbelievably absent minded morning that is putting a strain on my relationship with St. Anthony.
St. Anthony, for you heathens out there, is the Patron saint of lost things.
I lost my right glove twice in one morning.
Found it the first time but lost it again during my trip to the grocery store after dropping the girls off at school.
Had to back track for it the second time and found it right by the sushi counter.
Lost my cell phone, went back into the grocery store,
Found it.
Went to Target, but at the check-out lost my wallet.
Found it in the car.
Went back into Target.
Now in the parking lot--
Getting ready to drive to the other side of town (my no man's land) to have lunch with a friend and her newborn baby.
I wonder who the Patron Saint of reluctant drivers is?
Will write when I get back.

3:00 PM:
About to load one dog and 2 girls to drive 28 miles to yet another part of the city to meet Steve and together drive 350+ miles for a quick overnight trip to visit another newborn baby.

Remember when I said that I was learning to say yes to life?
I was not kidding.
Have a great weekend folks.
Be Well.

...this email was sent hastily by chesca from her cell phone.