The Benefits of Broadcasting One's Life Online Is That

I can show 'proof of life' to people that care, like my mother (Hi Mom!)
There is also some satisfaction I get from knowing that every time I conquer something, I compile a journal of success stories that help strengthen me.
The mere act of writing here means that I am out of bed...except when I use my cell phone to blog.
But even then, pecking out posts while underneath the covers is still a good sign.

Taking the girls on A Ski Trip despite how miserable I am in the cold weather and skiing with them while actually having fun, is extremely satisfying.
I celebrate being upright
(especially on skis.)
Last friday's Quick Road Trip is more proof.
Driving through sleet, snow and icy conditions--we picked a really bad time to travel.
There is truly no method to our madness.
Steve's sister Julie had given birth in the first week of December.
She had been hoping that
Our Holiday travels would include a visit to her third baby but because she lives in the opposite direction  of where we were headed, we were unable to make the trip.
However, the moment a 24 hour window opened up for us to make the 700+ mile trip, nothing, not even a winter storm, got in our way.

*Develop a responsible blind eye but do not procrastinate.

It feels really really good to just do things, no matter how daunting the task may be.
I find that if I compartmentalize what is in front of me and tackle things section by section, I am less likely to be unmotivated or frozen.
Also,  I find that prioritizing and learning to turn a blind eye on things that happen in-real-time, also helps me avoid being overwhelmed.
The other day strong winds ripped a part of our porch awning but I decided to simply look away.
I can't have it fixed right now in the dead of winter--so I will not let it bog me down.
It is important to note though that the 'blind eye/look away' technique can also backfire if you are not careful.
For example I "looked away" from two sealed envelopes that happened to be life insurance bills that were loooooong overdue. Not good.
Luckily, Steve nor I did not die.
On the contrary I continue to attack life with prayer,
physical and mental exercise,
and a support system in-real-life and online.
Life is good.

Now unless another invitation to
a roller skating rink comes, 
I shall stop procrastinating and put away all these Christmas decorations already.
Mom, the phrases highlighted in blue are links to my pictures.
They are my proof of life.