Indiscretions and Rectal Injury

There is not that much blood present in Pax's stools but he still has diarrhea.
Needless to say my kitchen floor is cleaner than it has ever been due to the daily scrubbing I subject it to before my morning coffee.
My dog swallowed part of a beef bone and since then, has had major accidents every. single. day.
For five days now.
I googled bloody stools.
And apparently dietary indiscretions like ingesting bones may scrape the lower intestinal lining or the rectum as they make their way out onto my kitchen floor.
I sifted through the soupy poop and found the culprit.

So the good news is, my kitchen floor is so clean you can eat off of it.
The bad news? the hands that prepare your food? Questionable.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    From Disney to doggy poop. Gotta love it! :)


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