I went far away for my freshman year.
By far I mean, an hour away due to the congested city roads of the very populated Manila.
My initial course of study was Physical Therapy and  the program was offered in the original University of the Philippines campus situated in the heart of Manila nestled between the Supreme Court and the  Department of Justice. My father practiced law not far from there and because of this, it was not uncommon for him to kindly orchestrate his schedule in order to give me a ride to or from school.
On days that he could not give me a ride, I would catch a standing-room-only,  non air-conditioned, wooden windowed type De-Dios bus home. It was not super pleasant.

One afternoon, my dad's schedule unexpectedly opened up. He decided to intercept my passage home and offer me the luxury of a seat in his trusty blue Volkswagen Beetle.  Without the advanced cell phone technology to flag me down, he wandered around the university in search of his free spirited freshman daughter.
He stopped not a few co-eds inquiring, "Do you know Chesca Silva? do you know where I can find her?"
He had a few leads, but was unsuccessful in tracking me down.

When I emerged from my last class of the day, I was steeling myself for the stuffy De-Dios bus ride home when people started stopping me in the hallway to say:
"Chesca, do not take the bus today, your dad will pick you up."
"Are you Chesca Silva? Your dad is going to give you a ride home."
Not one or two people mind you--but a passel of people.
Even my Spanish Professor called out: "Senorrrrrita Silva yourrrrr Papa will fetch you today!"
Don't get me wrong, although I was happy to hear this, I was also morbidly intrigued to know how this information was disseminated.
Finally as I approached the main entrance to the campus I saw it.
My father had appropriated a rather large chalkboard and had written:


Resourceful, focused and apparently shameless.
Parents will do what they need to do if they think it will benefit their children.