The Status of 2009

*Is thinking of something catchy to say.
*Was productive for a change.


*Is in desperate need of a shower...
*Hopes that people greeting her husband Steve for his birthday will distract him from the fact that she did not get him anything.
*Paid dearly for not having a birthday present for Steve...she is as we speak snow tubing. She hates being cold. And any sort of activity for that matter.
*Is going to attempt detox from facebook.
*Makes a deal with God.
*Has a mouse about the house.
*Mouse is now dead.
*Is cleaning.

*Is concentrating.
*Has been scrubbing her parents' kitchen floor...while her sister Karen sings on the magic mike.

*Is with her dad.
*Is marveling at her dad's sense of humor.
*Said goodbye to her dad today.

*Is about to watch the Ricky Hatton-Manny Pacquiao boxing match. Go Manny!!!!

*Has diarrhea.
*Did 100 crunches.
*Has been caring for a 5 day old orphaned cardinal bird.
*The little bird died. Gabi: "that's the nature of life." Kika: "when we are born we wake up but everyone has to go to sleep at God's curfew." Bye bye birdie. Bird Funeral is at 2:30 pm. Refreshments to follow.
*Husband is massaging her feet.
*Diaper cream on bulldog's facial folds.
*Is enjoying her box of chocolates from Mary Jane Chavez Yap. Thank You dear friend.
*Hypothesis: drinking margaritas, vodka ice tea, beer, and champagne all in one night will cause a hangover. Conclusion: This is true.
*Can't stand the thought of alcohol.

*Cleaning up 8 yr old daughter's vomit at 4 am is difficult. Added variable: cleaning up 8 yr old daughter's vomit at 4 am while in an ambien induced sleepy haze: more difficult.
*Is going to honor Philippine-American friendship by not fighting with her husband.
*Bulldog has sabotaged her abdominal crunches by eating her exercise ball.
*Is a neti pot head.
*Is obsessing about a 1300 mile road trip I am about to take. I am driving from Pennsylvania all the way to Key West, Florida Because our dog Pacquiao is too fat to stuff under a Plane seat.
*Drove 1700 miles in 7 days with her two daughters and her dog and finally made it to Key West, Florida. I think I deserve a beverage.
The hives on my puet and the back of my thighs is sabotaging my attempts at sashaying on the beach.

*Is almost home. 87 mi..86 mi...85 mi....84 mi...
*Is home.
*Is allergic to dust. Ligo lang ba ito?
*Wants to update her status.

*Depends on status updates to hear about what is going on in the world. You think this might be a problem?
Chesca: " Derek Jeter has Lou Gehrig's disease?" Steve: "where did you hear that??!" Chesca: "Jack Tumale's status update says that Lou Gehrig and Derek Jeter share something in common." (case in point)
*Marathon endeavor. Manila needs help.

*"When a crisis or disaster is about to happen, pets are known to save their owners. Our kitchen stove is left on all night long-- and our dog's response was to take a crap beside it?" -Steve
*After nights of insomnia, was able to sleep with Pacquiao last night. The upside is he kept me warm...the downside: I now smell like a dog.
*Thinks obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.
*Pacquiao-my-bulldog stole a couple of PROZACs.
*Stalking all of you on Facebook is hampering my productivity--well that and viewing various youtube versions of (the musical Pippin's) CORNER OF THE SKY.
*Is enjoying EsSEX House across Central Park in NYC with Steve...if I don't end up calling or meeting up with my new yorker friends, blame it on esSEX house. Hi Joel Aimee Benj Joy Bianca Cecile Maryann Chacha Timmy and Tina Aquino....Gino ikaw din. Naku Joyanne din. Next time pag hindi kami honeymoon mode.....
*Is home. Awake at 5 am sandwiched in bed with Kika on my left, Gabi on my right and Pac at my feet. They are happy to have us home. (and much as we enjoy NYC, we are too) Wait come to think of it I have the kids and dog in bed but seemed to have er... misplaced Steve. Steve?! Steve! (Chesca rolls over and goes back to sleep) Hello Monday and happy bday to my brother Peter.
*Is pondering the term: 'medicated happiness' while eating her daughter's tootsie rolls.

*Had strawberry ice cream for dinner.
*Is addicted to freecycle dot org. I love love love seeing people giving and receiving.
*Has been on her hands and knees since 8 this morning...scrubbing. My house is clean.
*Has gotten herself shocked, has had 600 lbs of steel crush her right hand and foot too. No bones broken. All for the sake of home improvement. Steve said: "if I thought you were going to get your hand and foot in the way, I would not have asked you to help..."
*Is undergoing self imposed detox. If I cave first I will have to treat my brother Ayo to the Chinese buffet.
*Gabi had corned beef, eggs and rice for breakfast. Kika opted for frosted flakes. Pinoy na pinoy talaga si Gabs. (Gabi may be more Filipino--but Kika can speak it better). This begs the question: is it better to eat Filipino or speak it?
*Location: Attic/3rd floor--where the treadmill resides. And a toilet too that I decide to visit. Steve: "what are you doing up here?" Chesca: "I was going to work out..." Steve: "But instead you are on the toilet while eating a bag of M&Ms??!"
*I thoroughly enjoyed the vampire movie.
*Is doing an un-American thing by throwing herself a 43rd birthday HAPPY HOUR at 6 pm on thursday, the day of my, er, birthday. You are invited. Yes, you. Otherwise why else would you be my facebook friend?

*Asks: "Am I the only one in this house that can predict the end of the toilet paper roll?" (waddles back to the throne)
*Jazz wok app to a blunkhet op isno. I donut lake to dry in isno... I donut lake the coal.. I jazz donut lake the isno too make me Coal...
*Chesca: "Steve, this is going to be our first Christmas eve dinner--just the four of us...how about I cook a special Christmas eve dinner?" Steve: "How about we order sushi?" =) Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Thank you facebook buddies for keeping me company in 2009. Yes, I mean YOU.