Of Padded Butts, Bras and Beauty

My previous post brought me to the subject of beauty when
I was recently asked by a friend about being called "beautiful" in the comments section and asked whether it is hard to live up to that.

So I decided to share a little nugget about myself:

I appreciate the compliments, especially considering that
where I am from, I was not considered beautiful, except by my mother of course.
It is the culture.

(To learn more, read my SIL Gigi's post relating to beauty in Manila)

This did not get me down.
I have always had friends based on who I was and not how I looked.
I was comfortable with it.

Through out high school, I was used to the fact that my guy friends
(hello Raffy Barreiro!)
would always count on me to "bridge the gap" between them and my girl friends
(hello Nikki Lopez, Vinia Buenaventura, Alaine Lopez etc)

Luckily the standards of beauty have broadened to include me but that does not mean that it is what defines me.
This is why I feel no pressure to live up to it.

(well except on occasion when I've padded certain parts of me, chari, remember the fake puet I bought in the tiangge? It has come in handy! and I admit to owning a pair of removable silicone cutlets)

The people in my life know who I am and seem to like me, as is.
The fact that I clean up well is considered kind of funny and endearing I guess.

So thank you, but know that I have been reminded by the same one that called my outfit risque,
that I probably have just six more good years left.
Eight, tops.
My head is firmly screwed onto my shoulders.