Gel Padded Bras (and other travel tips)

*Underwire bras can set off the metal detector at the airport.

*In case your husband's right shoe mysteriously disappears during travel (like on an airplane, for example) make sure he packs an extra pair in his carry-on.

*Sometimes luggage with wheels can transport a travel weary child.

* Little rolling bags for young children are not a good idea.
Parents always end up having to lug those around, plus their kid and their own bags--whenever push comes to shove.

* Pack "disposable" toys . Choose them carefully with your children with the explanation that should these toys decide to be left behind--it will not be the end of the world.

* In the event of "rerouted" luggage, pack bathing suits in your purse or carry-on so that:
a. it doubles as underwear
b. your vacation can begin immediately despite the inconvenience of not having a change of clothes.

* If you are going to feed your children scrambled eggs for breakfast, refrain from bouncing them up and down on your knee for at least 45 minutes.
This will eliminate the need to clean up a mess.

* If you are about to take a trip, refrain from drinking heavily the night before.
This will eliminate the need to clean up a mess.

* A portable dvd player is a lifesaver. Borrow or buy dvds never before viewed, and then dangle it in front of the kids and make them long to watch it--but do not let them until you need it--during the ride, a delay or a much needed break from the question:
"Are we there yet?"
Pack the discs in a CD traveling case.

*Pack Benadryl in case kids suddenly get a cough during an incredibly long trip.
(Is that a cough I hear?)


  1. I believe hardboiled eggs are the culprit to bouncing "messes". Especially with jet-lagged children, they make particular messes. I like the swim suit suggestion.

  2. Good advice, Chesca!

    I love the dangling of the new DVD. Brilliant.

  3. HAHA. Oh my gosh, Chesca, it sounds like the craziest vacation ever. I will note down your suggestions, though, as I think they are sheer genius, and implement if I'm ever crazy enough to try to travel with my family!!!!!!

  4. LOL. I guess you're not supposed to scramble eggs twice over--before cooking and after eating. Really crazy suggestion, Chesca, but I love them! Congrats on the awards, by the way. I'm trying to get over an impending flu (singaw, allergies, cold, sore throat ensemble) as I'm leaving on a business trip abroad. I think the pressure to get better is making me more sick! :) Hope you're well already!

  5. great tips. especially the one on kids travelling with wheeled bags and the one on eating scrambled eggs and bouncing. :)

  6. some great tips in there. i like pack the bikini ready to go...even if the luggage is lost you're ready to roll at the beach and seim. good thinking! you've got your priorities right.

    i see you posted a nettie pot in the previous post. took me a while to get the hang of it. but now i know what drowning feels like. glad your eyes are back to normal.

  7. * If you are going to feed your children scrambled eggs for breakfast, refrain from bouncing them up and down on your knee for at least 45 minutes.
    This will eliminate the need to clean up a mess.

    that one was my fav! hehehe

    I pack totally differently now than I did when my kids were young. I take ONLY carry on luggage (no matter how long the trip you can get all you need into a carry on and a backpack!) I figure I can always buy anything I forgot and really need.

    I just hate taking things and never wearing/using them. I have even stopped bringing shampoo & a hairdrier(I do still bring my own conditioner as I am fussy about that!)

    Planning a trip???

  8. oh, i thought you wanted to pack benadryl to give to the kids for them to sleep in case they become rowdy (LOL).

    joking aside, thanks for the practical tips.

  9. Speaking of trips. We made it home in one piece despite my driving fears. Thanks for everything!

  10. Great tips - you are hilarious! By the way, the Benadryl can work at home too! :)

  11. Can I add one more tip for travelling:




    I did that once -- take wine before breakfast -- and I thought I almost died. Made my head reel like a top. When the food was served, I thought it would help if I ate. Huge mistake. I regurgigated them all into two V-bags. Then I remembered I had White Flower. Applied it liberally on my forehead, temples, and neck -- the heck what the rest of the passengers thought about my scent. Made me sleep like a baby. When I woke, I was fine enough to bring the V-bags into the comfort room.

    When my companions woke, they were none the wiser. And I didn't tell them they almost lost me.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Chesca.

  12. okedoks lahat chesk, lalo na yang dvds. Kasi may mga plane nga naman na walang tv!

    kami dala laptop. Sabay laro text twist sa loob ng plane. Ingay ingay ni Lolo, haha

  13. "Underwire bras can set off the metal detector at the airport."

    seriously?! hahaha

  14. cough! cough! cough! Great tips kabayan!

  15. Timing na timing ito, Chesca cuz in 5 days will be off to Batangas. Naku, I've got nothing but wired! and good my apo is not coming with me.
    BTW, I suffer from Spring and Fall allergies, too, so I know the feeling (and the looks!).
    Thanks for your visit and the tips.

  16. Great tips! I agree with the rolling bags thing. My girls did that one year and I ended up dragging everything myself. Now it's carry your own backpack.

    I'm so glad they are through the motion sickness bit!

  17. Ha ha ha! Great tips Chesca. Too bad, I already sent out my newsletter, I'm sure my the moms would have enjoyed these.

  18. Hello from Artheo and I. FYI -- As you are a fellow member of the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, I have a direct link to your site in the sidebar of my blog, below Artheo’s picture and poem. If you wish to reciprocate, my blog address is: http://image-verse.com
    …thanks, Rob

  19. I have to make sure then that I don't wear the one with the underwire when we go on a planned trip sometime soon (keeping fingers crossed). I didn't have this happen to me (and I think all my things have the underwire) but I couldn't be too careful di ba. Better safe than sorry 'ikanga.


  21. Great tips!!
    I always keep my 'travel size bathroom kit' in my carry on, in the event of lost luggage.
    I also have a backup plan for just about everything... ;o)- as I don't trust airports etc. to get it all right.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore


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