A Rant about Nothing

"I was a jerk" McDreamy said on Grey's Anatomy.
"While I know I was right, you think I'm wrong" (Sandra Oh's character said, not to McDreamy but to her love interest)
By 9:59 PM, nobody was sleepless in Seattle (the setting for Grey's Anatomy)

If only life was truly like a primetime drama.
I am a housewife. Not desperate, but a housewife nevertheless.
(Ick, just typing the word makes my skin itch)
The fact is, no euphemism:
homemaker, sahm--stay at home mom or sh** a** ho mother f-er,
changes anything.
A housewife is a maid with benefits.
The maid does the laundry.

Case in point, Steve pointed out that the load of clean clothes newly washed and folded (FOLDED mind you), had tiny pieces of kleenex clinging all over it.
The maid got defensive.

This is a bone of contention between us.
For me to do laundry, painful as it is, I have rules:
1. pockets must be emptied.
2. any special care clothes (such as line dry, dry clean only) must be separated, because there will be no label checking done by me.
3. socks must be un-balled, as I must not have to have to handle them intimately.
4. i may not be held liable for any shrinkage, ink spots, kleenex shrapnel and the like.
5. i must be thanked after each and every load.

Is that too much to ask?
He counters that whereas he agrees he should empty his pockets, he maintains that I should too.
A lengthy discussion ensued.
So lengthy it would never fit into the primetime format.
Perhaps the maid should stop being a pain and be thankful she is employed.