Armor of Hope

A tombstone in St. Paul’s Chapel/cemetery located across the street from Ground Zero. The church miraculously untouched by the firestorm, is where George Washington prayed before he was sworn in, as the first President of the United States. (photo taken 10/28/06)


Guess what? WE are going to Chicago on Saturday Jan.

This is an email I get from my mother.
So I call her. Her voice trembling, she tells me that her hands are clammy and that she is flustered.

In the process of patting herself on the back with an email to me,
she was proudly reporting that on a split second decision (a feat), she went online (another feat) and purchased roundtrip train tickets for herself and my father to travel to Chicago (yet another feat).
In the middle of composing the email, she looked at the calendar and realized that the tickets she bought were not for Saturday, the 27th of January, but for Wednesday, the 24th of January- the day she was writing to me (hence the cryptic email)
By the time I called her, she had managed to straighten everything out, but not before she was worse for wear.

This is my wiring. (The family of fainting goats according to Steve) There is no escaping it either, because my father is even worse.
Every movement he pre-labels as a pag-aaralan natin
(let's study the situation).
As a result, I am a nervous nelly and an extremely cautious person.
A white knuckling driver.
( driving is an accomplishment since my mother has never driven a car)
I am inspired that my mother, at age 76, is able to perform outside of her comfort zone.
That she is able to act on impulse to attend grandparents day 600+ mi. away impresses me.
There is hope.


  1. Yes, there is hope for me too.

  2. This is just to comment on what you said... there have been many instances when your Mom has shown a uncanny ability to do almost impossible things.. long, long ago, we wanted to get tickets for a visit home and the Filipino airline agent was always putting us off saying it was difficult to get discounted tickets.. she simply picked up the phone, contacted the airline, and got the tickets at a much lower price than that quoted by the agent... or the time when Ayo was here for a visit and wanted to change his airline ticket to go to California earlier than scheduled and the airline said there was no way because all flights were full... very early in the morning, she told Ayo, Charissa and me (we were still stying with Charissa at that time in Rosedale, this was long, long ago..)to get up and go to the Rochester airport because there was a flight available for Ayo, and true enough, when we reached the airport, Charissa and Ayo rushed to the counter and the employee told Ayo, (who identified himself) to rush because the plane was leaving right then and there... there are other instances... but this is just to comment on what you said.. your Mommy is truly a rare gem... God bless you all..

    Love, Daddy


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