Not uncomfortable at all

A King sized bed loses its effectiveness.
This picture was taken last night, after we had just come from a great evening at the home of
Heather and Dave.
A little history:
Heather and Steve used to be engaged at some point in their life.
Lucky for Dave and I, they called it off.
Coincidentally, we happen to share common friends.
(blame it on Katie)
So, here we are 16 years later, developing a friendship over dinner and a few beverages.
One might ask, why?
It is actually quite simple.
I've always enjoyed meeting old friends of Steve.
It allows me a little window into understanding Steve (complex person that he is) just a little bit more.
Plus, I think that certain people in his life somehow contributed to who he is today and so
when they happen to be fun, interesting and kind--I take it as a positive reflection.
This perplexes a few people.
Granted, it is probably not for everyone.
I believe that when the failed relationship is between two decent individuals who are in happy and stable marriages...then a friendship is possible.
But the friendship equation is clear: 2+2=4 .
All four people must be on board, otherwise it does not work.
And, unlike four humans (and a dog) on a king sized bed,
it is not uncomfortable at all.

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  1. I think it might have been difficult for me with the men of my past had they had lovers that had become friends, but with my husband, thankfully, I didn't have to worry about that. He'd only been with one other girl and it was during high school and they were just "experimenting". She is the daughter of my mother-in-laws best friend and I know her well. In fact, I like her a whole lot. But if I'm being honest it's only because I'm not threatened by her. If she were some knock-out with brains to boot, I might not be as warming, but as it is, she's not.

    I am such a woman.

    btw, this picture is one of the coziest I've seen.


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