Feeling Martha Stewart

As I took my shower the other night, Steve's said:
"boy, that was a long shower."
Thanks to Anne Griffin (seen here refusing to be photographed)
my regimen has just gotten longer.
After I commented on her skin looking great (you know, chick talk)--
she shared with me the trade secret of fancy salon owners:
Arm and Hammer baking soda.
(Coincidentally, I was recently exalting its fantastic efficiency for cleaning the scum and libag from our glass shower door to Steve--who then proceded to use it on his hair--as was suggested on the yellow box...but on the face?)
But anyway, after trying it for a few weeks, I am now a believer of the
$1.00/16 ounce box of baking soda--that I have yet to use for baking--because it works.

Last night, as I entered a bar in Ohio (oh yes, I am back off the wagon)
...I was carded.
May I repeat that?
I. Was. Carded.
Yes, perhaps the lighting was dim, and the bouncer wore eyeglasses, but nevertheless, it happened.
(It's been a while)
And just so you know, its not like the others were carded either.
(so sorry to have to bring that up, Steve)

Anyhow, my bathroom regimen has gotten just a little bit longer now because as I shake that yellow box onto my palm and start exfoliating my face
(mix 3 parts baking soda, with 1 part water)
I end up cleaning the entire shower.
"It's a good thing"


  1. Hmmm...maybe I'll give this a try.

  2. hey, now that serves a double purpose. I might just have to give that one a go. thanks for the inside information!

  3. in response to my mother's query about the term "carded",
    i put a link to explain. i had forgotten that the term "carded" is another americanism that does not exist where we are from. apologies to the non-american readers.

  4. I have never heard of such a thing, but I will DEFINITELY try it! If it works, I will be saving myself a LOT of money!!!! I'm really excited about this!

  5. How often are you supposed to use the baking soda (i.e. if you do it too much, like regular exfoliation, is it bad for your skin?)


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