Feeling Martha Stewart

As I took my shower the other night, Steve's said:
"boy, that was a long shower."
Thanks to Anne Griffin (seen here refusing to be photographed)
my regimen has just gotten longer.
After I commented on her skin looking great (you know, chick talk)--
she shared with me the trade secret of fancy salon owners:
Arm and Hammer baking soda.
(Coincidentally, I was recently exalting its fantastic efficiency for cleaning the scum and libag from our glass shower door to Steve--who then proceded to use it on his hair--as was suggested on the yellow box...but on the face?)
But anyway, after trying it for a few weeks, I am now a believer of the
$1.00/16 ounce box of baking soda--that I have yet to use for baking--because it works.

Last night, as I entered a bar in Ohio (oh yes, I am back off the wagon)
...I was carded.
May I repeat that?
I. Was. Carded.
Yes, perhaps the lighting was dim, and the bouncer wore eyeglasses, but nevertheless, it happened.
(It's been a while)
And just so you know, its not like the others were carded either.
(so sorry to have to bring that up, Steve)

Anyhow, my bathroom regimen has gotten just a little bit longer now because as I shake that yellow box onto my palm and start exfoliating my face
(mix 3 parts baking soda, with 1 part water)
I end up cleaning the entire shower.
"It's a good thing"