Tofurkey, One Big Breast and a mix of dark meat and white meat

The word tofurkey makes me want to be a vegetarian. No, not really.
I would never want to be a vegetarian on thanksgiving because that would mean I would miss my MIL's delicious meal.
This year's gathering of 25 people had a true mix of dark and white meat.
One Korean sister, One Nepalese Brother-in-law, One Korean/Nepalese child, One Filipino sister, One Filipino Brother, One Italian Wife of the Filipino Brother, One Filipino Me, One Special Husband from a World All of his own, and Two half filipino/half punxsutawnean children and Fifteen Americans of German and Irish descent.

My sister Karen and I started the turkey hop weekend with a yoga class.
-We shared a gigantic turkey breast with the
anti-me's family and friends.
-Went over for 'peace-giving on a thankful day' over a glass of vino at
the accused. (again, life is too short)
-Drank some beer with
'Peaches and Herb' and a Talking Head.
Last but not least,
-lined up like turkeys at 5 AM
to try to get a good deal on a laptop at Best Buy.

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