Team Blogging

I call her: heaven in a little girl.
She was born the day before my 34th birthday.
I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye when I gave birth to her.
The saying: The joy and happiness of having children far outweighs the pain of childbirth--is true.

G loves Nanay.
My mommy is good.
my mommy is great,
I thank her for taking care of me.
She reads to me,
She feeds me good dinners
like eggs, cheese and crackers, and bread and butter.
She lets me play on the computer, like now:

the wish list

My nanay is great.
She is very good at being with kids.
I trust her all the time.
She helps me in bad times.
I am happy I have a mom like her.

My sister G is a great kid.
She is so cute!
I think she is the best sister in the world.
She helps me when I am in the dark,
and she helps me get stuff.

Happy Birthday to G and Nanay!!!!

click here for pictures from today's celebration.

Note: The Exskindiver will be in Key West, Florida from November 30th until December 4th.
She will take her trusty MacBook Pro, but is uncertain as to whether she will have reliable internet access in the southernmost point of the United States. Keep posted.