You want me to get things started?

Charlane, Aimee and Me:Hudson Hotel, NYC

My friend Gary emailed me this question:
I was watching seinfeld last night,
(one of the 4 times a week my roommate insists on it)
the episode was about elaine, puddy and the jesus fish.
puddy says elaine is going to hell. she reminds me of you,
the hair, the mannerisms-are you modeling yourself after her?

The answer is no.
But I do love Seinfeld.
A few years ago I was at the Hudson Hotel in NYC with my college girlfriends. We were sitting on a bed (it was that type of bar) when a guy asked if he could sit with us. As we were chatting, I said:
"I --am an architect" (a George Costanza line) adding:
"I've always wanted to be an architect".
The guy looked somewhat puzzled--but he did not say anything.
It was only much later in the conversation we found out that
he used to be a writer for Seinfeld.
I said: "Get Out!" (in Elaine fashion)
and after demanding a driver's license and a SAG card,
we verified that he was indeed Spike Feresten.
He wrote my absolute favorite episode:
the Elaine office-party dance.
I (being a seinfeld fanatic) was ecstatic.
I told him that Seinfeld saved my marriage.
He said he never heard anyone say that before.
I explained that during the beginning of our marriage when our schedules where rarely in synch, the one thing Steve and I remained faithful to, were our thurday evening dates (to watch Seinfeld).
Spike, (we were on first name basis now) was very pleasant and unassuming .
As he sipped his sprite, he was nice enough to share nuggets of trivia about the show.
He seemed to be such a good sport about everything up until I
volunteered to do the Elaine dance for him.
He declined with a very polite:"please don't".

Spike Feresten