Surrounded or Drowned

photo credit: Dionne Brelsford
Congratulations to Anti-me,
She did it!!!
Despite the fact that the official race tracking chip ended up beside her (and not on her shoe),
She finished the race with energy to spare for a
double header at

( she took her son to back-to-back childrens' parties after running the race)
This is what I'm talking about (take note of the smile on her face as she runs).

Another past great race runner, whose extensive resume includes aerobic instructor, varsity basketball player, tennis pro, boss, marathon chauffer, double wammy-er and one of my first friends here in the States, meet Suzanne.

Is there a theme here?
Do I surround or drown myself with highly motivated friends?
To borrow the words of one, local paper writer,
"Ooooh. That one makes me want to lie down."