The Anti Me

More and more, I realize that we are nothing like each other.
The other day she asked, "do you want to run the great race with me?"
This, from a woman who has literally ran eight times in her entire life.
But this is who she is.
The anti-worrier.
It could be raining sh** and she'd say: let's use this as fertilizer for reforestation.
Nothing sticks. No crap, dysfunction, or obvious phobia to keep her from coasting along.
The anti-anal.
She can actually travel by word-of-mouth: "Hey I'll be in the DC area on the 26th...and I'll need a ride to get back home...anyone going my way?" (meanwhile there's me and my back-up of back-up plans for traveling)
Extremely relaxed, this Carole is.
Seven years ago she and I , together with another friend Robin, decided to train for an in-line skating race. In the middle of a downhill descent she calmly calls out: "btw guys...I don't know how to stop!"
Always a positive thinker.
She invents her own parking spots and never gets towed or ticketed.
Event planning for her, being one of the many things she does, is a cakewalk.
She never chokes under pressure.
During a catering glitch, she once had bite-sized pieces of pizza hut served at a swanky soiree and had the well-heeled raving:
"this is divine!"
Did I mention that she drives a Prius?
Up at the crack of dawn, armed with affirmations, she yogas and meditates.
And then there's me...concocting myriad excuses to stay cocooned.
Sometimes I think that if I had an iota of her in me,
I could accomplish more instead of sitting here and blogging.


  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    This woman sounds amazing! She needs a man who is intelligent, funny, and possibly into recycling, but I would go easy on the recycling qualification.

  2. Carole King3:42 PM

    But I wish it was true! Thanks for the PR... but
    another thing to add...terrible with technology

  3. Same here, I wish I had one cell in my body that was cloned from her

  4. Steve Bowser10:49 PM

    as the intelligent, funny, but definitely not into recycling aforementioned husband, I have a few comments on "superwoman". She is described as an antiworrier, but spends most of her free time emoting about the evils of our present commander in chief and the capitolistic society we live in.(such a conveniently comfortable position for a person of independent wealth). She once vehemently claimed she could beat me in a roller blading race, only to find out she could barely stand upright on skates in a standing position.
    she is only able to travel by word-of -mouth because she is very attractive- let's see how far she gets from DC if she gained 30 pounds- I'm guessing Hagerstown at best. She would not be so surprised at the happy reaction to bite sized pizza at a party if she hung aroud regular, down to earth people like me rather than serving the pittsburgh "glitterati". I say "phooey" to this entire blog.

  5. For those who don't know my husband, he kids around with
    people he likes.
    in fact, he loves carole.
    his humor is just questionable. check out a comment he left on my sister karen's blog.
    on the very first entry, she talks about having cleidocranial dysostosis,
    he comments under the pseudonym
    what can i say.

  6. Anonymous9:18 AM

    "you complete me"
    (steve said to carole)

  7. Steve Bowser can spell?? And so articulate...what a catch.

  8. Anonymous5:25 PM

    He speaks!!! ... and writes!!! WOW! I agree...what a catch!!!


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