Another First

"Choose discomfort over resentment." 
-Brene Brown

This is a mantra I really like especially during the holiday season but somehow I feel it should never apply when it comes to doing something healthy.

Last week I stepped out of my house to get my hair highlighted.
That alone is always something I have to force myself to do, because it is not something I enjoy. 
I rank going to the salon to get my grey hair covered as being right up alongside with getting my teeth cleaned and getting a pap smear. Don't ask me why. 
While I was at the salon, a woman I knew from the girls' grade school walked in.  
I didn't even know her name but we always waved at each other. 
With both of us held hostage by our foiled hair, we were given a chance to chat. 
In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she had just finished a work out class called Tabata .
I had never heard of it.  She invited me to come and try it.
I explained to her that while I exercise pretty regularly, I told her that I work out at home.
I said that  I typically don't enjoy leaving my house and so I did not want to make working out something I dread even more than necessary.
She spoke so enthusiastically about her teacher and the Tabata session that I ended up saying that I would try it one time.
We exchanged phone numbers so that she could send me the information.
After she texted it to me, I thanked her and did not think more of it.
Until this morning.
She texted me again to encourage me to come.
I did.
She was right.
It was a great class.
I felt energized from either the exercise or from trying something new, or both.
The teacher named Sarah Whitehead is actually also a Crossfit trainer. (!!!)
I was glad that I did not know this going in because I might have been intimidated to try a group workout class with a "Crossfitter."
She  was very encouraging without being the stereotypical loud-aggressive-gym trainer.
I liked that.
I would go back.

This experience is solidifying a new rule for 2016:
While I will choose the discomfort of saying NO over the resentment of saying YES,
I will make it a habit to say YES whenever it is beneficial for my body, mind and soul to do so--even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone.