Lunch Break

Steve came home for 12 hours to visit G and me for our birthdays.
I went to lunch today with him and Ayo. We got sushi in the fish market.
After lunch Steve left to go back to his hunting box, (he is now calling is magic box)
Ayo and I visited some more at home over pecan pie.
CK dropped in with a bottle of chardonnay.
My girls celebrated with me with more sushi, smelts,  letters and a popcorn maker.
JB stopped in with a case of mexican Coke and bulldog pj's.
SL prayed for me.
DZ gave me the gift of her presence.
And then Ayo returned in the evening for more pie and wine.
After he left, I had an hour long phone date with my high school bff from Los Angeles.
Tomorrow I am going to a late lunch with Shazam.
On Friday, MS asked if we could go out--I told her I was not sure if I could.
She asked if my legs were broken.

Steve wrote me a very beautiful birthday card.
He ended it by telling me that the only thing that looked 48 years old on me are the soles of my feet.
And he also gave me a battery operated foot file.
Which I promptly used while on the phone with California.
I am now an inch shorter.
But my soles feel good.
And so do I.

 updated: got a surprise  b-day package in the mail from my a dear friend from high school, Mary Jane--
During a trip to San Francisco a few years ago, my girls met her.
They were amazed when I told them that we were never in the same homeroom or class in high school. MJCY is very thoughtful. She texts inspiring messages and mails me care packages when I least expect it.  I appreciate them so much and it really really hammers in my brain the importance of random acts of kindness (and chocolate).