Sometimes, It Is Just Easier To Post A Picture Of Shoes

I bought these shoes yesterday.
A peep toe and a high heel is not really consistent with my lifestyle today. 

Perhaps I should have put them on first thing this morning when I:
...drove K to school.
...or when I waved at G before she got on the bus.
...or when I wrestled down my dog Pax, as I applied medicine to both ears to treat his double ear infection. 
...or when I read my Bible this morning.
...or as I RSVPeed for a church related function, only to call a few minutes later to take it back due to a conflict in schedule.
...or when I paid some bills.
...or when I fried up two eggs and toasted bread for breakfast.
...or when I chatted on the phone with DZ.
...or when I harvested dog poop from the backyard.
...or when I scrubbed my stove.

While I don't know exactly when and where I plan to wear them, I do know that I want to wear them.
That is a good sign.

I think it means that I am healing and accepting my many layers.
Personalities have different layers.
Our personalities develop depending on what rewards us (we approach) versus what threatens us (we avoid).
The purchase of these shoes represent something more than just a love for fashion.
I think it means that  I am no longer avoiding the world.

While both prayer and meditation have changed many aspects of my life,
my old shoe loving self has not been completely meditated out of me.
Maybe it is not something that is meant to be shed, after all, the saying
'Put one foot in front of the other' starts with a good pair of shoes.