The entire essay here.

"Because we must surround ourselves with people who have surrendered to the surprising power of grief and grace. We must insist on building marriages and families and friendships and communities
in which the mess is embraced instead of ignored,
in which blame is subordinated to hope,
in which fault is exchanged for fixing,
and in which repair and redemption become the universal language spoken by all.
Life is broken and messy. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, may we join each other, and point them onward."
-Kelly Flanagan

After a loss the previous night, (Wednesday) at a venue 20ish miles away,
G's volleyball season officially ended  after the second round of playoffs.
Last night parents and the team celebrated with a pizza party.
G's coach specifically asked for "Kramer" to come.
While Steve would have normally enjoyed doing his Kramer-dominating-the-dojo routine at the parents vs daughters volleyball game--
his 10th and last day of hunting got in the way.
I thank the elk of Colorado for keeping the 13 year olds safe from a spike to the face.

All is well.