My friend DZ and I ran 3 miles.
Shortly before getting back to my house--we noticed a black backpack in the bushes.
It was clear that it was stolen and then pitched.
So we took it home to try and trace its owner.

Upon further examination, we realized that the bag belonged to a parole officer.
There were addresses and information on people that had some serious offenses,
surveillance logs, DNA testing training manuals etc.
So we googled his name and found that he had just been married a few months ago at a church about 29 miles away.
We called the church and asked the woman that answered the phone to help us get in touch with the owner of the bag.

When the parole officer came to retrieve his bag he told me that his bag was stolen out of his car trunk the previous day.
Get this--after he reported it stolen to the police and to his boss--he prayed that his bag would be somehow returned.
And then he got a call from the church, telling him that his backpack was found.
I instructed him to tell people about his answered prayer.

When I told Steve the story, he said that the parole officer must now:
"Pray it forward."
When I told DZ what Steve said, she came back with, "it's a pray on words."