The Migrant Workers of Qatar

I get swept away by the everyday concerns that are right in front of me.
Being back home from vacation, I was bracing myself for the incoming school year and other issues concerning the life of my family when something else hooked me before going to bed last night.

The plight of the migrant laborers in Qatar who are working on building the venue for the FIFA World Cup for 2022.
People from the poorest countries in South Asia are lured to work in Qatar with the promise of decent wages.
Unfortunately due to a corrupt, dishonest, and an uncaring system-
workers end up becoming modern day slaves, living in unbelievably horrendous conditions that they can not just walk away from  (their passports are immediately sequestered upon arrival).
Super poor people, just trying to improve their life and support their families--are not getting the deal they signed up for.
And there seems to be no end in sight.

Google it and find out for yourself.
It seems so hopeless and helpless, I find myself thinking of them and being embarrassed about the things that concern me on a daily basis.
How can I even pray for my small life and my "discomfort" and worry when I read and watch documentaries about real human suffering?
While God is powerful enough to listen to the entire universe's prayers--
I feel sheepish about the concerns of my heart.

(Will edit this when I get to a computer.
I grabbed my cell phone to write this right after I finished praying and reading Romans chapters 8-12 this morning.)