The Shark

I guess I was not completely okay.
Because if I was, I would have been happy for Steve when he got his Father's day letters from the girls.
The trigger was envy.
I got super envious of K's letter to him.
It was weep-worthy.

I repeat, I should have been happy.
But I wasn't.
So I bought a vacuum cleaner.
This was not an impulse buy, btw.
My vacuum cleaner had stopped working efficiently, many weeks  months ago.
So I quit vacuuming.

Although I was tempted,  I did not buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
After consulting with JB, she suggested I get the Shark Navigator from Target, and put the hundreds of dollars saved towards a really nice Stand-Up Paddle board that I have been wanting to get.
I am glad I did not fall for the British accent advertising an appliance that I will seldom use, as The Shark works really really well.

The amount of dust, dirt, dog and bunny fur, human hair, dead skin, etc that I sucked up was incredible.
I couldn't stop myself.
It is bag-less and despite the assault on my sinuses, I absolutely loved emptying the full container of life's mess into one garbage bag, over and over again.
(picture to follow)

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, tempted to vacuum some more but I didn't want to wake the house up.
Instead, I went downstairs and picked up a book that DZ lent me about the Holy Spirit.
The book is called Forgotten God by Francis Chan.
Chan's main point in the book is to remind people that Jesus promised that after his death, that all that believe in Him will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will comfort and lead us, always, if we want the Holy Spirit to do so.
The thing is, I have heard this message ever since I was young but I never took it literally.
So I decided to really search the Bible and re-read the accounts of the arrival of the Holy Spirit. (It is in the New Testament)

So as I understand it, after Jesus spent his three years teaching and living by example among humans--
he followed Divine schedule by dying on the cross.
However, before he did that he assured his followers that there would be a substitute that would be sent to replace him.
This "sub" would not just walk among his followers, but would instead live inside each follower.
Jesus said, this is even better!

Okay, let me stop there.

I decided to think about that for a second.
I reflected on my recent bout of depression and the residual stuff I was still in the process of vacuuming away and thought about the idea of the Holy Spirit living in me...

The Holy Spirit that lives in me is not depressed.
My human spirit is.
Suddenly, something switched in my brain.
I had been pedaling uphill with my human nature when I could be stepping on the
"Holy Spirit accelerator" to move forward.

And that is how my mental state recovered in the wee hours of the morning in June.
Vacuuming moved my mental clouds,
but the reminder of the indwelling Holy Spirit that Comforts, Guides and Helps completely lifted the stubborn and heavy dirt.
The Holy Spirit is like the Shark Navigator of my heart and soul.
100% Guaranteed. Or Your Money back.