Navigating An Awkward Load

While on vacation,  I rented a stand-up paddle board from a place called West Coast Kayak.
My idea was to be able to paddle out early in the morning and let my family sleep in.
It was a good idea until the board was delivered in the evening.
Do you know that Stand-up paddle boards do not fit in elevators?
I did not know that.

Steve had to carry this thing for me up to the fourth floor.
It is extremely awkward to maneuver an 11' 4" (over 45 lbs) paddle board through a narrow stairwell
and into Simon's condo. And it isn't really a two man job, especially if the other man is a weak woman.
And then he had to take it downstairs for me in the morning too (so much for sleeping in).
But he never complained.
Not once.

Yet I complained last week when I had to take our car in to be serviced again for another pothole he hit.
(for anyone keeping score, that's the sixth tire ruined since February of this year.)
I was frustrated, and premenstrually human.
Yet he never complains about me.
Even when my actions cause pain--like broken nose, pain.
Next time, I won't complain anymore.