How To Increase Your Vibrational Energy

Or What To Do When You've Forgotten To Keep Living The  "Don't Dread, Don't Dwell" Mantra And You End Up In A Deep And Muddy Mental Hole:

The month of May overwhelms me.

It is the month of sports banquets, plays, recitals, first communions, confirmations, graduation parties, concerts, shows, end-of-the-school-year stuff, summer schedule preparations, etc.
This year we also had teen angst, bone scan payments, Steve's dry socket from a wisdom tooth extraction and a broken nose on top of that.
It is also the month of my parents' wedding anniversary and my dad's birthday--which we no longer celebrate since his death a few years ago.

The thing is, when my mind dreads or remembers challenging events, my body responds.
The mind is actually more powerful than the body.
Much more powerful.
This info sucks btw, for someone who, like me,  is prone to depression.

If you have never been depressed, or do not have anyone in your life with this affliction, this post will not interest you. And if that is the case, then I am glad for you. Otherwise, read on...

I thought depression was a thing of the past.
I thought I was completely healed. (It's a miracle!!!)
But this month has made me realize that depression--like alcoholism or diabetes, is never really cured.
However, I believe that managed properly, it is possible to not get completely flattened out by it ever again.
I am in the process of learning how.

Humans are like radios that send out and receive vibrational energy.

Any positive state of being gives off high vibrational energy.
Happiness, joy, contentment, euphoria, glee, generosity, love, forgiveness, kindness, openness, hope, affection, peace, patience, enthusiasm, spaciousness, security, gentleness, thoughtfulness, are examples of states that give off high vibrational energy.

Any negative state of being gives off low vibrational energy.
Depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, fear, insecurity, rage, frustration, aggressiveness, selfishness, resentment, irritation, smugness, indifference and impatience are examples of states  that give off low vibrational energy.

High vibrational energies create more of the same, and of course, low vibrational energies create more of the same too.
The simple act of being grateful for something when you wake up in the morning can set the tone for a high vibrational energy day.
But conversely, being anxious about an upcoming event becomes a magnet for frustration, insecurity, sadness,  etc...until before long some of us become depressed.

When I am depressed, I become extremely sensitive and intolerant of prickly situations.
But life can be full of those.
So the key is to learn how to quickly raise one's vibrational energy.
I recently attended a lecture on increasing vibrational energy.
It was kind of quirky and weird, but I enjoyed it.
I will tell you what I learned-- because if even just one person gets help from this--it helps me, because we are all in this together.

Things To Try When You Are Feeling Depressed:

1. Pray. Your Creator knows the exact content of your heart so no use hiding behind fancy words.  Just spill the beans.

2. Meditate. Take 15 minutes to sit with your mouth shut and your mind wide open. Do not be alarmed if after the 15 minutes are up you realize that you spent your time obsessing about sh**.
Done regularly, meditation quiets the mind.

3. Forgive. Even if forgiveness is not asked for.

4. Whether you are sitting at your desk or standing by your kitchen sink,
position your arms and hands wide open. Make yourself big.
You will feel an internal shift.  Who knows why. Maybe because you'll feel goofy. But who cares. It works.  Maybe that's why priests do it during mass. (Karen if you are reading this, do not do this while biking through Manila traffic)

5. Try Tapping.

I have tried this myself. (I told you May was rough). It can't hurt. And again you feel so silly doing it that it makes you laugh. I think it works. And again, I find it interesting that this new age-y stuff is somewhat still related to the traditional practice of making the Sign of the Cross or beating one's breast during parts of the mass. It's either mind over matter or them Chinese really know their pressure points.

. Try aromatherapy.
I went out and bought a small bottle of essential oil from Wholefoods called stress relief. I mix it with scent-free body lotion and rub it all over my extremities. Not bad. It's like BenGay for the brain and heart delivered olfactorily and porously.

Grab a friend or if you don't have one available--look at yourself in the mirror and smile.
Say the word HAPPY twenty times. The "Ha" breath (breathing out or laughing or I imagine even panting...is soul cleansing)

8. Try running or walking backwards.
I don't remember what the reason was. Maybe to confuse your muscles and get your attention away from whatever it is that is pulling you down.

9. Have a friend "rake" negative emotions of your physical body, and then scoop positive vibes from the earth back to you. Make sure your spouse or significant other does not walk in during the raking, unless you are oblivious to the laughter that may occur. It is very similar to Qigong. 

10. Try earthing. (thanks CK) Sit on grass. This is especially good if you've spent a lot of time on your computer or cell phone. Unplug! Walk on natural surfaces barefoot. Recharge yourself using nature. Spend time with an animal. (Dust bunnies do not count.)

11. Do not drink alcohol when you are feeling low.
You will wake up the next day feeling worse.

12. Eat Well.  Fruits and vegetables. And minimal meat. Nothing processed. Eat fish. Sushi is a great vibe lifter. Eat an avocado and see what happens.

13. Drink lots of water with slices of lemon squeezed in. (thanks CK)

14. Compliment someone sincerely. Even if you are secretly envious of that person. Watch the envy disappear.

15. Help someone with a smile, an act, a kind thought, a prayer, a text, a call, a letter, a message etc.
(thanks MJCY) (thanks SL) (thanks SIL) (thanks SA) (thanks JB) (thanks DZ) (thanks Kar)
(thanks Becks) (thanks TFPers) (thanks Steve)

16. Clean out something. Yes, even if you have to roll yourself out of bed (start with that bed by the way. Make your bed immediately. Saying a prayer while making your bed, even better.) Drag yourself to your bathroom sink or toilet and clean it. It will raise your vibrational energy.

17. Get rid of excess. Now. One bag at a time.

18. Resist the urge to hibernate indefinitely. Even Trappist monks do not go at it alone. (thanks DZ)
Force yourself to be social. Open your heart.

19. Seek out positive and supportive people. I don't mean that your life can not have a few challenging people who you happen to love,  in it.
I just mean, when you need to increase your vibrational energy--you need to recharge around people who either inspire you or whom you inspire.

20. List everything you are grateful for.
I am grateful that May is over. I am grateful I am upright. 

21. Let go of fear.
I will stop dreading May.
Just drop it. Fear is useless.
Fear lowers vibrational energy.  
Faith in God increases vibrational energy.

22. Run and then run some more. (thanks JB)
Or walk.
And if you need to jump start the increase in your vibrational energy:
Try running backwards, with your arms wide open with a smile on your face while saying "happy."
I am grateful to own a treadmill and to have tried this in private.