Good Friday 10 Church Run

1. St Nicholas Greek Orthodox (Oakland)
2. Heinz Chapel (Oakland)
3. St. Paul's Cathedral (Oakland)
4. The Oratory (Oakland)
5. St. Joseph (Bloomfield)
6. Immaculate Conception (Bloomfield but it was locked)
7. St. Lawrence O'Toole (Garfield)
8. St. Raphael (Morningside)
9. East Liberty Presbyterian Church (East Liberty)
10. Sacred Heart (Shadyside)

The Presbyterian church stop was in honor of my friend SL.
Anyhow, the receptionist looked at me suspiciously
(I was sweating profusely) and asked if she could help me.
I told her that I was just stopping in to pray two "Our Fathers."
She waved me in reluctantly.
I think she smelled a Catholic.

(It felt like 13 miles but it was a bit under 9 miles.)