My Guppies

The girls wrote letters to their dad to give to him today, for his birthday.
K hid her letter in the ice tray, so that when Steve prepared his Big-Gulp sized diet Pepsi before leaving for work today--he would find it.
He did.
G put hers on his car seat late last night.
He found it that too, before driving away.

I was not "in" on the creative way they were going to be presenting their birthday letters to him.
In fact neither of them knew what the other did as well.
I was in the kitchen when Steve found the letter in the ice, and I got such joy from the surprise.
So did he.
He did not read it right away. He quickly stuck it in his pocket to be enjoyed later.

G's implementation, was not so simple.
She decided that going out the front door to put it in his car would make too much noise last night.
So she decided to go out the back door.
Unfortunately several inches of snow and ice kept the driveway gate stuck shut so instead she decided to CLIMB OVER the, maybe 6 foot hight high gate, in the middle of the night.
She said she ended up landing on the garbage cans on the other side of the gate.

I am in awe of the thoughtfulness and action put into their notes of love to their dad.
Those are true gifts and expressions of love.
That makes me happy.

And in honor of Steve's birthday, the four of us went to see Wicked.