An Open Letter To God

Dear God,
Please help me. I am broken and unsure of how to proceed with motherhood.
How can I realistically
LET GO, And LET GOD when it comes to parenting?

Please tell me God, if I "let You"--
Will You decide how much independence/free time to give my children?
Will You regulate their cell phone use and instruct them to text only positive and uplifting things to their friends?
Will You get them to bed every day at a time that is necessary for their developing minds and bodies?

God, will You drive them where they need to go?
God, will You feed them?
God, can You get them to clean up after themselves and do their chores/tasks without being asked?
Will You be consistent?

How will you keep them safe from evil or harm?
Would You let them be around people who don't think like You?
Would You worry about sports related injuries?
Would You let them join a ski club?

Dear God-if I let you parent my children, how will You make them know You?
How will You keep their thoughts, words and actions in tune with what You want?

And God-when Your Will is not done will You want to freak out?

I was told that for the past three years I have been an angry mother.
I must sit with that for a bit. Meanwhile...
I surrender motherhood to You.
And my entire life.