Tree Time 2013

I had been wanting a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" for years now.
This year, Steve brought this home for me.

Every evening, we gather around it and write down "what we pray for" and "what we are thankful for" on white and gold ribbons which we hang on our "charlie brown christmas tree."
It is a tradition we started in the beginning of december. (I say "we" but I am sure you can imagine the initial resistance)

When Kika asked me the night before her dance if some people could meet here, I said yes.
I was not prepared for the complete strangers that came along with the "some people" in order to take pictures of the large group of young men and women before the dance.

When I observed a few of the parents examining the tree closely, my armpits got a bit sweaty.

I had not anticipated that my quirky choice of tree  and intimate practice was going to be viewed by so many people.
People that came to retrieve children after Gabi's birthday two fridays ago and then people that came here before Kika's dance last friday.

The whole thing was an exercise in saying yes to the present moment and surrendering to what is.