Face-to-Face Vs Facebook

I have been getting a few inquiries about my Facebook account because I deactivated it a few months ago.

I actually love Facebook.
FB is a fantastic way to maintain and rekindle friendships.  Despite its tendency to dilute relationships, it is a great way to keep in touch with people you care about.
However, the end of the last school year  overwhelmed me.
The month of May was filled with the kids' band concerts, school musicals, piano recitals, spelling bee, basketball tournaments, gymnastics competitions,  confirmation, middle school graduation etc...and so I fiddled with what I could control and shut down my online portals, this blog included.
It is amazing how much time I suddenly reclaimed.

Since then I've been sticking to phone calls, texts, email and Face-to-Face interactions.
It is liberating.

In this day and age where every move and thought is photographed, tweeted and provoked--it is nice to be free of voluntary exhibitionism.
And btw, I am well aware that I am the only one to blame for the exhibitionism.
Like today for example.
I am so in awe of being able to say YES to life (unlike my previous old self) that if I were  active on Facebook I would feel the need to shout the following from the FB mountain tops:

Two weekends ago we drove 300 miles for a cross country meet for Kika. 
It was 300 miles in the right direction, as it was in Rochester NY where I have friends and family.
It is very fortunate when you get to combine business with pleasure.

Last Thursday I went on a 20 mile bike ride.

Last Saturday:
-8 AM. I ran in a 5K and knocked 31 seconds off my time from 2012. 
(my time was 26.58 minutes)
While I did not vomit in my mouth during the run, I did get teary eyed after. 
(and I got help from GZ who paced me with fist bumps that I could barely deliver)
-9:45 AM. Watched Kika's cross country meet followed by her team cookout at 12 Noon.
-1:45 PM. Took individual and group team photos of Gabi's volleyball team and then watched her volleyball game at 2:30 PM. Swept the school gym after the game.
-4:30 PM. Made fried pork chops and steamed broccoli for an early dinner.
-6:00 PM. Drove Gabi to a friend's house so she could go to a Scarehouse at 7.
-8:00 PM. Gabi was returned prematurely due to one of her friends freaking out at the Scarehouse.
-8:01 PM. Left for a night out. Both girls stayed home.
-9:30 PM. Went to see Jerry Seinfeld's live show downtown and laughed the entire time, got home past 12 Midnight.

Last Sunday:
-Watched Gabi win her second medal at her cross country championship meet. 
We did not buy a second bunny.
-We went to church.
-We hosted wings for  dinner while the Pirates made Steve extremely excited.

Did I mention we bought a bunny a couple of weeks ago?

Facebook itch scratched.