The Virgin Tour

A harem of gazelle-like college girls clad only in shorts and sports bras galloped through our cross country practice yesterday.
Although I am not a prude, I pause and ponder the stand-alone sports bra.
I secretly want to embrace it, but I have not.  (I mean really, What Would Jesus Think?)

Could the sports bras be the shorts of the 1930's?
The tennis pro Alice Marble, shocked the world when she wore the first pair of shorts in 1932 at a professional tennis match.
Today, most shorts enjoy an uncontroversial reputation. 

Will the sports bra pave the way for bras worn as tops ala Madonna?
Will women start wearing them to go grocery shopping? parent teacher conferences? For Casual Fridays??
Will we become as desensitized to bras as we are to shorts?

I am guessing yes.
When we are distracted inoculated enough times by the attractive sports bra-d ladies at Lululemon ringing up overpriced merchandise, we will all be immune to it.
Whether our immunity will be to the barely covered chest or to the expensive exercise clothes,
remains to be seen.
Such is life.