I Bought A Tent Today

Not a solo tent.
A six man one.
I think we are going camping.
I am hoping to do this in a way that will make kika and Gabi enjoy camping.
I am hoping to learn as I go.
I have slept in a tent maybe only six times in my life.
I don't have bad memories of it.
I was never the lead camper, just kind of cooperated with what I was told to do.
Now I wish I paid more attention.

In preparation for this trip I bathed Pax earlier today so that he would not stink during the 90 mile drive, and I also applied flea and tick repellant.
I was looking at buying a stove but figured packing pop tarts and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was a less daunting solution.
Methinks I should master my kitchen skills first before I decide to take it on the road.

I am perfectly content sleeping in my own bed without the risk of a bear disturbing my sleep (yes there has been a confirmed bear sighting). I am going to do this in an effort to expand my girls life experiences and to make memories.

That's why I bought a tent today.