A Good Busy

Every single day has been filled with activity.
If you knew me in real life, you would know that even a trip to the grocery store is a major accomplishment for me.
So driving my mother home 300
miles-and turning around to drive home in time to take kika to basketball practice is noteworthy.
So is taking Kika to a basketball tournament an hour away,
And taking Gabi to volleyball camp,
And taking Gabi to diving lessons,
And taking Kika to basketball practice,
Going as a family to a baseball game,
Going as a family to a Toby Keith concert,
Driving both girls to summer sleep away camp two hours away,
Attending a couple of pub crawls (just to be social and not in fact to crawl)
Attending a graduation party,
Shopping for two ceiling porch fans and being fortunate to have a family friend install it for us,
Encouraging (coercing both girls to keep their art and music practice active by hiring the best art and music teacher!)
Regulating TV and bed time,
Shopping for school uniforms,
Filling out forms,
Taking kids to their doctors' and dentist appointments,
Passport renewals.
Watching Steve suffer through a kidney stone,
Building memories with Ultimate frisbee: parents vs kids and watching steve suffer through a torn hamstring.
Watching Steve suffer through midnight work emergency calls.
Dealing with insomnia.
And running, All of us. Not at the same pace.

Summer reading.
Trying assorted sleep aids.
Piano, Flute, Trumpet.
Trying to be disciplined.
Being steadfast in the commitment to be the best parent possible.

The key:
1. Don't dread, don't dwell.
2. Be grateful for all blessings
3. Prioritize
4. Know your limits
5. Replace all negative thoughts with either nothing or a prayer.

...this email was sent hastily by chesca from her cell phone.