The Vacuum-sealed Feeling

The inside of my car has a vacuum-sealed feel after I get home from driving the girls to school.  
I usually don't drive with music on, as I find that to be distracting, but the immediate silence that ensues once I pull into my driveway and shut off the engine is almost nirvana (yes, it does not take much)
Sitting in my parked car for a little period of time is both comforting and balancing (until the air gets stale).
The quiet pause gives me time to reflect on where or what I've been through--and it allows me to take a breath before I get on with my day (or as I said, before the air gets stale)

Despite the fact that my kids could catch the school bus that drives by our house every morning--I choose to drive them.
The brief drive allows us a moment of prayer and intention setting.
That conscious moment of zen in my driveway becomes an added benefit.

Be well.