Last Wednesday, I took a hot yoga class with CK in honor of her 50th birthday.
About halfway into it, I started getting tunnel vision, seeing spots and feeling nauseous.
I realized that I was seconds away from passing out (so intuitive of me, right?).
So I stepped out for some cool air because I decided that doing so would be less disruptive to the class, than fainting in a heap of sweat.
After I got my bearings, I went back in to finish the class.
After the class, CK said, "that was tough!"
To which I replied, "what is that? did you say SORRY?? because that's what I think you should say for dragging me here."

Love makes you do difficult things.

On Friday we left in the middle of a snow storm to surprise Steve's parents 700 miles away for their 50th wedding anniversary.
We had arrived on Saturday, had dinner, drinks, Sunday morning church, brunch, and dinner and then left.

Love makes you do difficult things.

Anyway on Sunday sometime between brunch and dinner, I decided to take advantage of the non-wintery weather I found myself in and went for a run. I was not familiar with the area so I used a feature on my cellphone as a map. After the 3rd mile, my phone died. Getting lost in Hilton Head's expanse of homes, bike paths and golf greens did not worry me at first, but after my piriformis muscle started aching--and with absolutely no idea if I was running towards my family or away from them--I sort of panicked.
Not because of anything else but that:
a. I never told anyone that I was going for a run.
b. I did not want to hold up anyone's plans for the afternoon.

So I decided to go up to a house where a rather well-dressed woman opened the door as if she was expecting me. She invited me in to use her telephone.

I called Steve's cellphone but he did not pick up. (He did not realize that I was gone because he was busy trying to unlock a truck that accidentally got its keys locked in)
I then called my MIL's cellphone who had been looking for me--and I scored major brownie points by displaying that I had her cellphone number memorized. (yay me!)
Since I was still a mile away, the woman whose telephone I used, offered to drive me home.

Last sunday's 4.36 mile run

Almost right after my "new friend" dropped me off, the 'Locked Truck Project' got unlocked.
The day proceeded like clock-work and then after dinner we said good bye to everyone. We spent Sunday night and Monday on the road again.

and today's 3.28 mile run 

Today is Tuesday.
Motivated by DZ, I ran with her this morning.
I returned home to do laundry, housework and to connect with people I care about.
Today's musings are on three things that are becoming clear to me.

Are you ready?

1. The more open I am to prayer and meditating on what my purpose in life is,  the more synchronistic and coincidentally "clockwork-like" events that I experience are.

2. I find that difficult things become much easier when I am motivated by love.

3. I must work on my practice of non-attachment  (which is not the same as being detached).
As someone who believes in God, this is in step with my 'Let Go, Let God' mantra.
The more I LGLG, the less bogged down I get by the heavies.
And I mean this.
Non attachment to harsh words, traffic, long drives, awkward situations, botched plans...
But also non-attachment, even to the stuff that puffs up my heart: like compliments, things that make me proud, achievements of mine or of people that I love.
This does does not mean that I don't care (which is a version of detachment).
On the contrary, I do care and do appreciate the blessings in my life.
But the more non-attached I remain, the less stuck I get on a day-to-day basis.
That, my friend--is a good thing.

Be well.