"Catch!!!" is all I heard before Steve lobbed a 14 pound pumpkin towards me.
"I knew you'd catch it." he said.

And that is how our evening started.
We were at an urban pumpkin patch
(read: church parking lot)
half a mile from our house
(our family is not the type to make a day trip excursion to go pumpkin patch picking nor Christmas tree cutting---but I do admire families that do: hello Lewands!)

After shuttling off the girls to JB's and basketball practice, against my will
(due to still feeling socially wobbly and Pms-sy) 
Steve and I stopped at our Tuesday eve watering hole.
(Note to self: must not drink in this condition.)
After an hour and a half of lively bar banter with other regulars we collected the girls and went home.
Once home, I started feeling sick.
Long story short I was ill and hugged the toilet (I had just cleaned) until the contents of my stomach (Steve pointed out broccoli and undistinguishable bits of tofu and
the, er--vodka ) were rather violently deposited inside and uhm...beside it  (Steve graciously cleaned that up).

And that was how my evening ended.


I am still feeling under the weather.
So much so that I could not even drink coffee today.
I am nursing myself back to health with water, bagels and I just finished a big bowl of hot steaming wanton wrapped shrimp and noodle soup. It was sooo deliciously infused with garlic.

I warned Steve just now on the phone about how my breath is going to smell when he gets home. He told me not to worry about it because he said that the vomit on my breath and hair last night was a lot worse.


The weather is lovely out there-
The sun is out and illuminating the beautiful fall colors.
I can see it despite the dark curtains of my bedroom windows as I blog from my bed healing from a hangover.
Never again.
(yes I know that I have said this before)
But seriously--never again.
The really really lousy feeling the next day is Not. Worth. It.

And I attribute (read:blame) this all to pms-ing, btw.
PMS is making me struggle with my quest to be present.
Monday's road rage and then Tuesday's inability to consume moderately.

You know what I discovered though?
That the act of vomiting makes one completely "in the moment."
Not just for the person vomitting but for the person trying to hold your hair back.