Nuggets from The Power Of Now

(By Eckart Tolle)
I have been listening to the Audiobook.
I listen to this while working out so that I can work on both physical and mental fitness at the same time.
It's all good.

My NOW thoughts:

1. Living in the past (whether it is basking in a memory or kicking myself about something) OR worrying about something in the future is not helpful. All that is important is right now.
Right now. Like this blog post for example. I am writing this right now because writing helps me process.

2. Sitting in silence and training your brain to focus on the gaps between thoughts actually trains one's brain to have bigger gaps. The bigger the gaps between thoughts, then the clearer one's mind is to focus on whatever is happening in the present. I know, that seems like a brain twister. Sorry.

Side note:
I don't know if I am imagining this, if anyone of you reading this is having the same experience, please email me--but the less I focus on yesterday and tomorrow--the more forgetful I seem TODAY!!!!!
-I have been forgetting my cell phone lately.
-While on a recent trip, I stuffed my Ipad on the outside pocket of an unlocked suitcase and checked it. It went through two plane transfers and lay vulnerably during a few hours of a layover. But yet it remained intact.

I think, the reason I have been forgetting my technological devices, is because I am trying to be less attached to them, and more mindful of my time with people I love or when I am alone. However, it is never my intention to be careless with these possessions.
I don't think focusing on the now should mean being reckless.

3. However, 'focusing on the now' does mean--not wasting time on thoughts and worries about what has not happened yet.
It means dealing with life to the best of one's ability while at the same time surrendering and accepting the outcome.

And praying works.
Memorized prayers mind you.
Reciting memorized prayers in my mind, displaces (and replaces) thinking...
--thinking and analyzing and worrying and alas... remembering my cell phone.