Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band

Is a song that I am trying to shake from my brain.
It's that time of the month- yes TMI, shoot me.
Nursing a bit of PTSD (okay that's a bit of an exaggeration) from
doing an act of love that filled me with extreme anxiety to do--but
still did anyway.

Despite my phobia for public speaking,
I delivered a toast at the wedding of my very wonderful friends.

It is not ego talking when I say that I was very honored to be asked--
however I had some mental hurdles to overcome during the days, hours
and minutes leading up to to the moment of the toast-- that I was almost
incapable of doing it but then one look at CK and CB made me remember the following:

1. It is not about me. I should set aside my mental hurdles.
2. If I do this with love in my heart, everything will be alright.


It's monday, and I woke up faced with the same mental hurdles I set
aside last saturday eve.
After taking a few minutes to center myself, I got up showered and
literally put on my favorite t-shirt that says:
I went about my day driving my children to finish back-to-school
purchases and touring a gymnastics school for the younger one...I ended up going rock-climbing with them for a few hours at the facility adjacent to the gymnastics school.
My kids were so pleased with our ability to "live in the moment"
I was just pleased to make it out without breaking my neck.

Today's nuggets:
1. It is not about me. I must practice setting aside my mental hurdles.
2. If I do all things with love in my heart, everything will be alright.

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  1. Beautiful Chesca,


    It is the hurdles in our lives that help us to grow strong and graceful, to push our boundaries out further and further, so that we become more than we believed we could.

    You are without limits and boundaries.

    Grow there.

    Much, much love to you dear sweet lady,

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore


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