Testing Testing 1..2..3...

chorus lyrics:
Testing 1,2 3
Can anybody hear me?
If I shed the irony
Would anybody cheer me?
If I acted less like me
would I be in the clear?

My friend JB texted me this verse last night:

Consider it all joy; my brethren,
when you encounter various trials,
knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.
(James 1: 2, 3)

This morning I waved good bye to my first-born who is off to basketball camp for the weekend.
I was not really ready for her to be away again so soon after she just got home--but there was a switch in dates for this particular camp and so the decision was out of our hands. Well, sort of.
If life were left completely up to me I would have just kept her home.
But Kika wants to get better at basketball and this weekend will give her the opportunity to do just that.
Letting her go reinforces another mantra I am trying to strengthen: It's not about me.
I am going to use Kika's absence as a chance to bond with Gabi.
Our first activity at noon today is a trip to the orthodontist to get her braces removed.
And then I promised her we would color her hair with Kool aid.
Coloring an 11 year old's hair is something that I am not really in favor of doing but again, it's not about me.

I am okay.
Whatever pimple of not okay-ness I might be nursing will be taken care of by the exercise/prayer/meditation routine that I am about to do.
The Barenaked Ladies song should have been entitled: James 1, 2, 3.
If James 1: 2, 3 is correct and that trials produce endurance--I am going to end up a serious marathon live-er....or with a liver that has gone through several marathons.

3 pm update: Braces off!!! Now awaiting Kool aid red hair....


  1. Truly love this!

    You know, since I am now of a certain age (we won't say what) and have gone through (and still am going through) life's trials and sorrows, I feel more and more that it's because we feel intensely -- both joy and deep sadness -- that we LIVE. It's the bittersweet moments that pierce our hearts which really count. Not the "I'm cheerful, la di da" moments.

    So glad to see you enjoying your girls! And let me know how the Kool Aid hair works. Never heard of that technique before! Have a great summer!

    -- J xxx

  2. It's just Kool aid, better than bleach which Bryan wanted to use at one time.

  3. It's almost 7 pm and it is still on her hair. I too wonder if it will work.
    I had always said that kids should not color their hair due to the harsh chemicals--and then she found a non-toxic loophole around my rule....

  4. Missy5:42 AM

    How about happy hour now?


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