Crown Jewels

The other day, I cracked my crowned molar on a salad prepared for me by my friend, Suzanne.
At the moment of impact, I was torn between freaking out and laughing.
As I picked bits and more bits of my tooth out of my mouth--Suzanne and I looked at each other in horror.
And then I started laughing.
It's not life threatening--my current mantra--after a recent scare I had while running in a cemetery (more on this later).

This morning, I smuggled a large tube of toothpaste in my purse as I walked through airport security.
The risk was worth it.
I did not have any time to brush my teeth before leaving our house. Did not shower either, let alone wash my face.
None of us did because all three of our alarms glitched on us and we woke up late.
In an effort to still try and make our direct flight to San Francisco, all four of us skipped the hygiene routine and jumped into the car.
We missed the cut off.
We are now rebooked to fly through Denver.
I am hoping that this detour will allow us to meet, Ally's new baby--Jasper.
He is a border collie. My niece and her husband are smitten with this dog.
But I digress.

I am reminded why I wrestle with travel anxiety.

But I am also experiencing, hands-on and in-real-time how to be 'in the moment'.
With the help of Steve's crisp verbal slap-upside-the-head for me to "stop freaking out" to re-direct me,
I am learning that when unpleasant events happen, the one caveat being--that they are not life threatening--asking yourself, 'what's the worst that can happen?" is a key element to being able to regroup.
This is teaching me to break old habits of curling up in the midst of a crisis.
It is allowing me to resist going into full
"Fainting Goats Syndrome" (term again, courtesy of Steve) and just breathe through it all.
What's even better is that Kika and Gabi are witnessing this transformation first hand.
It will truly be a gift to de-gift them of this curse.

In my hasty departure, I forgot my fancy jewels to wear to my friend Jimmy's wedding.
But I do have what's left of my crown.
A quick trip to the dentist yesterday at noon, (shout out to MM! I knew there was a reason our lunch date was a no go!)
had it filed smooth so that it would not be uncomfortable during our long weekend away.
And now that I have time to spare while waiting to board our new flight via Denver, I get to brush my teeth.
I am grateful that security did not confiscate my toothpaste.
I am certain that the people on the plane will be grateful too.