2012 Mother's Day Card from Gabi

Today Gabi competed in the Diocesan Spelling Bee representing her school.
There were 53 contestants.
After over 32 rounds there were 7 kids left, Gabi included.
When none of the 7 kids were showing any signs of getting eliminated,  the organizers moved to what they call "challenge words"
Gabi ended up in 5th, getting knocked out by the word: accomplice.
She was disappointed with herself saying she should have thought 2 seconds longer--but truly she performed an amazing feat despite the THREE hour long, butt squeezing experience (for me anyway).
I am so proud of her.
We celebrated by having many large bowls of ice cream for dinner.
Yes, I had pants on.


  1. So proud of her. BTW, we too celebrated with ice cream when Bryan got home. Must be a family thing. Love you.

  2. Congratulations to your little Bee! And to the mama with no pants on. (Love it!)


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