On My Mind Right Now On My First Day Back.

1. That is Steve rolling one of the THREE golf bags that flew off the car roof rack this morning and onto the highway before he and his buddies even got to where the RV is parked. No one was hurt. I shall take that as a good sign.
2. While I was away, Kika attended a 2-day hunter safety course. On the second day, Kika coerced Gabi to keep her company. While there, Gabi texted Steve: "I'm bored." Steve rescued her and took her shopping.
3. I get to re-enter my world gently--as both girls have activities after school today that do not need my presence nor assistance. I am grateful.
4. I need to share with you a great story I experienced while I was in LA.
5. I am going to do some laundry. And purchase a couple of junior bridesmaid dresses.
I'll be back.

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