Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

...flanked by avocados and sour cream almost brought tears to my eyes a few minutes ago.
As I took a bite, a most joyful smile involuntarily flashed from my face that made both Kika and Gabi beam right back.
This is a first.
We've not ever radiated pure happiness over a hotdog before.

Using a stove top grill (a regular frying pan will do)
Fry the hotdogs but not too much.
Take a piece of bacon and wrap it around the pre-fried hotdog.
Fry the hotdog again until the bacon is seared.
With a generous dollop of sour cream on one side and slices of avocado on the other, serve on a hotdog bun.

Happy Saturday To All,
May whoever reads this post be blessed with food, the company of loving people and inner peace.