Shotgun Approach To Life

I went to an acupuncturist last Friday with my friend CK, not the singer.
First-born turned 13 last Saturday. We got her a cellphone that she is ecstatic about.
Had Reiki performed on me on Sunday by my friend M.
Had Monday morning coffee with a friend K.
Left-overs for lunch and a 3 mile walk after at DZ's house still on a Monday.
2.59 mi dog walking and coffee with another newish friend, Tuesday.
Washed and folded 2 loads of laundry.
Bathed 1 smelly dog.
Vacuumed 1 house.
Did civic duty of voting with 1 husband and then went to our local watering hole where we met newish friend and her husband.
WEDNESDAY I did something huge.
So huge, I almost need three weeks to either get over this decision or prepare for what we are about to do in connection with what I did on wednesday. (explanation coming, hang on)
And then to assist me in either the getting over or the preparation, I agreed to meet SL and do the prayer walk in the evening. As the girls and I were leaving we discovered that our car was blocked in, so we hurriedly bundled up against the crisp fall eve to walk briskly the 1.20 mi distance to the labyrinth in order to make our date.
We had no pie to eat after but I did have a delicious pot of chicken adobo that I made.
Then before sleeping I watched a depressing
documentary called Marathon Boy.
It is about Budhia, a child from India--who is the world's youngest marathon runner.
(this movie is not for the emotionally fragile)
Thursday, which was yesterday, despite the cold morning, I walked Pax a mile and a half.
I also crocheted and video chatted with my Manila sister K,  in the morning.
I found a kennel for smelly dog, but in preparation for his stay there, had to make an appointment with his vet.
And then I listened to about 4 or 5
TED talks (highly recommend!)
One speaker was a guy who was in the Hudson river plane crash.
Another speaker talked about his experiment to try something for 30 days straight in order to learn something new or change behavior.
While another speaker was a ceo of SFO hotel chain that emphasized the importance of human relationships, compassion and the importance of Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product
Then I napped.
When I woke, I spoke on the phone with my Chicago sister P.
Cooked a big pot of soup.
Had a bev with JB.

Today is Friday. 11-11-11.
Already I have spent a few minutes with CK-
And I am about to get dressed to attend a Veteran's Day celebration at the kids' school.
Kika is playing her flute.
I am very very very very very very very pre-menstrual but I am determined to keep going.
Then tonight I am going to see 
a benefit concert with M, DZ and Steve.
My shotgun approach to life is to try everything accessible to me in order to facilitate this.
Starting with the long hot shower that I am about to take.

Be Well.